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Change or spare...?

Orange cable broken inside the pin

Needs also 12V to start!

New one arrived


The dynamo hasn`t worked from the day 1 - so we ordered a new. But after the second round of troubleshooting with the multimeter I accidentally found out that the alternator needs 12V power in which "tells it to start".

And here was one of the power cable to the dynamo from the batteribank, broken off. After repairing this, the dynamo produced 60 amps and worked...

And after reading a number of boat forums, it can be good to have one alternator in reserve when SY Neptune is going on a long trip. They doesn't last forever and have an horrible and warm working space.

More Amps?

Next time we are going to change the alternator, I will look at different possibilities such as. Belmar's with the possibility of up to 250 amp +. But thats another projects for later...

Salty Facts

Maximum power - 60amp

Connected to - 12X OrionTR Smart

Modell - Hitachi original