The Salty Crew on Neptune



Alex here, 36 years old from Oslo, who work in the insurance business, and have done that for the last 15 years.

Lives at Vinterbro 15 min from Oslo. Third boat, but first sailboat.

Second Mate

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Ahoy there!
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Deck Cadet

Maja Victoria.

Maja Victoria, AKA "MajaVic", is a born tru sailor girl who learns fast and have many important tasks she handles... She`s also responsible for the music on board!

Lives at Vinterbro 15 min from Oslo.


Ahoy there, welcome to us! - and our dream of one day being able to sail south, maybe for a year, maybe forever? Anyway, after the purchase of our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, spring of 2021, we started to upgrade it to be a real "offshore bluewater cruiser"

We will share tips inform of Vlogs and Blogs about sailing, DIY projects and the journey from scratch on how we turn our sailboat around. We`d love to have your support to help us on the way getting ready for casting the lines. 

In return you will get several tips and access to extra material that we create around owning, upgrading, and operating a real cruiser sailboat.

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