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Installing new stereo

Why Fusion?

If you are going to upgrade the stereo system in your boat, I would recommend Fusion which is waterproof, easy to operate and has a stylish design.

The MS RA70N we have chosen has included Bluetooth® technology, DAB + radio, AM / FM radio and AUX and USB connections.

This version also has NMEA2000 connection (MS-RA70N) which allows you to operate music from compatible chart plotters and more.

The N model costs slightly more than the standard model, so I highly recommend this one.

Short antennacables

The antenna cable that comes with is 10 meters long and is too short in my case and maybe someone else's. Especially sailboats.


This can be extended with a coaxial cable if you want it in the mast or somewhere higher up like us. We have it over the radar on "our radar mast".