One happy family :0)

Sketch of today's solution


From day one I wanted to get the most out of the electric navigation equipment on the same platform, Initially NMEA200. But since I went for Raymarine's products it was predominant by SeaTalkng. 

The advantage here is that Raymarine's SeaTalkng network works superiorly good together with NMEA2000 with just some simple transitions.

As soon as I get the latest overview of previous backbone cables, I lay out the sketch of the entire setup. This is by no means a final decision, but can be of assistance to you if you are going to post something similar. 

Video with tips about the different networks and capabilities will come...

Tight workspace =)

Salty Facts

System - NMEA2000 & SeaTalkng
Backbone cable - Raymarine SeaTalk

Side cables - Raymarine Spur cables