Blog & boat projects 

Installing solarenergy

July 2021 - Check here

First project we made brackets and installed solar panels. All pipes are in 42mm and 80% were bought nicely used from a residual project for a porch to a detached house. All 316 AIS!

First dingy "Viccy"

July 2021 - Check here

Got our first quicksilver dinghy and mounted outboard engine. Easy to assemble/ disassemble with hand/ leg pump. The size was also excellent for carrying at the front deck...

Victron products...

August 2021 - Check here

This month the shipment came from our supplier Farco. A large load of Victron products and I could not wait to place and assemble alle the goodies from this quality provider =)

Lithuium - Lets go!

July 2021 - Check here

A bigger investment if you are going on a long trip and are at anchor for longer periods or simply know you will have your boat for another 5 years plus... 

Extra lead housebank

September 2021 - Check here

We have kept our starter battery (Closed lead acid battery) of 110Ah and the 4 X 110Ah house battery as a backup. We can easy connect them to the starter battery in an emergency...

New automatically bilge pumps

September 2021 - Check here

We just placed an Rule 500 GPH automatic bilge pumpe who starts automatically when it detects water. We highly recommend ane that is automatically. 

Meaco Dehumidifier

Oktober 2021 - Check here

We strongly recommend a dehumidifier in a boat, especially in the autumn and winter season. This causes less moisture and mold problems that can occur...

New DC to DC charger

Oktober 2021 - Check here

DC to DC charger for holding down the input from the alternator since it can get to hot and burn up on us, They usually cant handle the amount energy that Lithium can take... 

New Rope

September 2021 - Check here

We replaced all the ropes and give tips on what pays if you are going to replace someone who goes up and through the mast.

New AIS, chart plotter, VHF and GPS

November 2021 - Check here

We are upgrading both AIS chartplotter, VHF, GPS and all cables as well as all the antennas connected to this -same whit the radar. Big work weekend ahead!!!

New Alternator

November 2021 - Check here

The previous one had not worked so it will be a good addition to charge the Lithium batteries even faster when we do not have sun or windy condition...

Time for some lights =)

November 2021 - Check here

2 bigger ledbars whit a loooots of lumens will provide and help the work outside in the wintertime. It will also provide security when backing to a dock, mooring or land.            

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