After acquiring own welding apparat and equipment, this became the first project with welding.


The radar mast will contain stuff such as:

Radar Dome from (Raymarine 4KW Digital) & GPS antenna (Raymarine GA250) 

VHF antenna (Glomex 1,2m fiberglass) & AIS antenna (Glomex 1,2m fiberglass) 

Lights bar (LED bar against cockpit area) & Light bar (LED bar light towards the stern 

Salty Facts:

Mast Hight - About 4 meters

Pipe 1 diameter - 40,2mm

Pipe 1I diameter - 25mm

Steel type - 316L AISI 

Antennas - GPS, VHF, AIS, TV

Bracket for - Radar 4 KW

Chainplates - 8mm thickness